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When Do You Start to Feel Uncomfortable? 

Outside temperatures in Davis fluctuate throughout the day: cooler mornings and evenings with hotter afternoons. These shifting temperatures affect your building just as much as they affect you! When we analyze your TherMOOstat comments, we look at the time you submit feedback in order to see if the time of day can offer any explanation for how your building was behaving when you experienced discomfort. 


Enlightened TherMOOstat Users

These comments show scenarios in which the time of day affected comfort.

Temperatures do fluctuate, with it being slightly too cold in the AM and too hot in the PM. On balance, best not to change anything!

GENOME at 10:37 AM


Fall 2018

54% Hot

TIP #1

Be Patient with Your Building

Just like us, our buildings take time to adapt to new conditions. If you find your space uncomfortable, try to give the mechanical system time to react to new inputs. Often times, the heating and cooling systems are playing catch up to changes in occupancy or outside air temperatures. If conditions don't improve in 30 minutes, send us a note via TherMOOstat

TIP #2

Take Notice of Unusual Patterns

If you get to know your building's patterns, you'll be able to notice when something doesn't seem quite right. 


These observations are gems to us when we see them on TherMOOstat. Since we can't be in every space on campus, we rely on you and your expertise as a building occupant to let us know how it feels in your space. 

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