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Saving Energy with Thermostats

Thermostat settings control the amount of energy it takes to heat and cool a room. Higher cooling setpoints and lower heating set points help us conserve energy because they require less cooling and heating, respectively.


Original Setpoints

Original bar.png

How Much Energy Can We Save? 

The Setpoint Savings Calculator by the Center for the Built Environment and Building Robotics at UC Berkley estimates the potential energy savings due to changes in thermostat settings. With this tool and a starting temperature range of range of 70°F - 72°F, we've estimated these potential energy savings.


Raising the cooling setpoint +3°F would mean the room will cool to 75°F instead of the previous 72°F. This change would save approximately 22% in cooling energy.

Potential Savings

Raising the cooling setpoint 1 degree

Third bar.png

6% savings

Raising the cooling setpoint 2 degrees

Second bar.png

15% savings

Raising the cooling setpoint 3 degrees

First bar.png

22% savings

These estimate are rough, because each building on campus is different and the people in the building all have unique needs, but it gives us an idea of the potential for energy savings.

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