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Young Hall

Lily was a Green Buildings Intern at the Energy Conservation Office.
She investigated Young Hall after we received unprecedented amount of cold and chilly feedback. After analyzing the data and conducting site visits, Lily was able to recommend appropriate vent adjustments. 

Thanks to Lily's work, Young Hall has gone from consistently cold back to normal. 


Breakdown of the Investigation

Analyzing TherMOOstat Data

In analyzing comfort votes from TherMOOstat, Lily found that in 22 comments people mentioned the air. Typically air comments come when people report their comfort as cold or chilly and most comments deal with the air conditioner being on in full blast or air blowing on them. Someone commented that, “It’s like a wind tunnel in here. Several people pack jackets to wear.”


Airflow Comments


Cold Votes

Sept 1- Dec 5, 2018


This comfort graph shows that almost all votes recorded from September 27, 2018 to November 1, 2018 had a comfort of either ‘Cold’ or ‘Chilly’, regardless of outside air temperature.

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