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Digital Controls and Remote Access

Digital controls allow our team to adjust room temperature setpoints, airflow or schedules remotely from our office. They also allow us to fine-tune the HVAC controls until we find a solution that satisfies comfort and energy efficiency. 


Some HVAC Issues Can Be Fixed Remotely

For a majority of campus buildings, we can see into the HVAC controls system remotely. When we can remotely access these systems, it's much easier for us to investigate rooms based on your TherMOOstat feedback. Furthermore, fixes in the controls system, such as reprogramming or resetting equipment are often cheaper and faster fixes than having to physically repair equipment. 

Plant & Environmental Sciences
Art Building
Academic Surge
Vet Med 3A

Although buildings are classified as lab, office or classroom buildings, not all of its rooms are the same as the building type. Although the Plant & Environmental Sciences Building is classified as a lab space, there are still offices and classroom present inside. 


The classrooms and offices in the building should have different HVAC programming than the labs because the rooms have different purposes. For research labs, the HVAC system is typically set at a lower temperature than classrooms.

Room 1137 was classified as a research lab in our HVAC system; however, as needs changed it was converted into a computer lab. Students attending classes and doing work in this computer lab noticed that it was colder in the room.

"This classroom is OVERLY cold every time. PLEASE fix this!!"

"Seriously, we are all freezing. There is a 3-hour lab in here. It is 90 outside, and people are trying to use their backpacks and random bits of paper for warmth."

Their comments in TherMOOstat prompted us to check the temperature and visit the room. We noticed it was no longer a research laboratory, so we reprogrammed the HVAC system to serve a classroom space

Your Vote Matters!


You may be experiencing a comfort issue that can be fixed remotely through reprogramming! Help us understand your building and the spaces your working in by leaving your insider insights in your TherMOOstat feedback. 

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