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Visual Identity

Visual identity is an important part of your branding. It includes the logos and images you use in your product and communications. The most important thing to remember is consistency. It’s better to use the same logo and image in your emails, fliers and other communications than to use different ones each time. Being consistent will help people remember your PTS tool.

Using Logos

​Your optional PTS mascot will make the tool fun and memorable for your users. Your department or university wordmark will let students and staff know this tool is official and that you’re using the data to make informed decisions.

FACILITIES_horizontal_blue (3).png
thermoostat (1).png

insert different campus mascots here

Incorporating Images

​Use images as needed, especially photos of your campus. Images that include people are generally more engaging that those that don’t. At UC Davis, we have a set of photos with students using TherMOOstat on their phone.

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