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Working with Student Interns

Student interns are a great way to supplement your team’s existing human resources for a PTS program. They can help with promotions or assist in analyzing and responding to PTS comfort votes. Look for certain majors based on the tasks you need done. For example, engineering, economics and/or statistics students do well in data analysis roles, while communications, design, and english majors do well in communication roles; environmental science students are perhaps most versatile.

Responsibilities that students can take on:

  • Conduct site visits and speak with PTS system users

  • Utilize data loggers for room temperature data collection and

  • Analyze PTS datasets and investigating incoming votes

  • Writing summaries of PTS votes to share with the campus community

  • Promoting your PTS system across campus or targeting specific buildings

comms student.jpg

Communications Intern

Communications student interns are helpful in PTS program promotions. We’ve found it helpful to have guidelines for them to follow and sample content for them to pull from, e.g., Always start with “Thanks for using TherMOOstat!” 

Computer Science Intern

Computer Science student interns were vital to TherMOOstat app development, and programming the app to share with you! They can also help with big data analysis, as well as setting up a triage interface or system for your team.

dev student.jpg
design student.jpg

Design Intern

Design student interns can help create branding and promotional materials with a consistent and recognizable style. These can be graphics or other media content which can be used for web resources, social media, and more.

Environmental Science Intern

Environmental Science student interns help with data analysis. We give them PTS data, additional data sets, and research questions to answer, e.g., Does the volume of comfort votes correlate with outside temperature? 

env. sci student.jpg
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