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How Are We Improving Classroom Comfort?

One of the recurring issues we've seen in TherMOOstat feedback is people are generally too cold on very hot days– generally in classrooms. 

Our Energy and Controls team has a plan to address this possible classroom overcooling. Using feedback from your TherMOOstat data, we've created something called the Comfort Band.


Take a Look at the Data on These Classrooms Around Campus

Do You Agree with Our Records?

Our TherMOOstat data tells us which classrooms run hot or cold, but if you don't agree, use TherMOOstat to let us know. It's also super helpful if you include details in your comments, such as whether or not the room is full or crowded and where you're sitting in the classroom (front, middle, back, etc).

Your TherMOOstat feedback alongside our data about the classrooms gives us a better picture of what's happening across campus. Read more in our blog post!

Take a Look at these Thermal Comfort Projects on Campus

Comfort Band.png

The Comfort Band

The Campus Comfort Band is a range of indoor temperatures that fluctuates throughout the day based on the outdoor temperatures.

Compared to previous policies that kept rooms at one temperature all the time, this dynamic comfort band makes the transition from an outdoor to an indoor space less drastic.  

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