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Stay Active,

Stay Comfortable

Whether you bike to campus or take the bus has a huge affect on your comfort level when you arrive to your building. Your activity level has the biggest impact on your metabolic rate, and is one factor behind the variance in people's perception of how hot or cold their room feels. 

activity table.png

Enlightened TherMOOstat Users

These comments express how activity impacts comfort. 

Perfect temperature when I came in after biking. After I cooled down, it was still perfect. There was 20 people in the class. Was not stuffy.


Bainer Hall

Fall 2018

85% Cold

TIP #1

If You Know You'll Be Highly Active Today...

Bring layers that you can easily remove when you arrive at work or class. As your body acclimates to the room temperature, you may feel the need to layer up again! 

Recognize that others around you may have vastly different perceptions of the same room if they haven't been as active. 

TIP #2

If You Know You'll Be 

Mostly Inactive Today...

Anticipate indoor temperatures and bring extra clothing, or stop by the CoHo for some hot tea before work or class.

Try to find time to get up and walk around. Using activity level to improve your comfort is a great strategy that helps us save energy on campus. 

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